About GHI

Hello there, fellow finance enthusiasts! I’m Richard Banks, but you might know me better as “The Wall Street Wordsmith.” Born in ’85, I’ve been navigating the wild waters of Wall Street for quite some time now.

I’m a proud American, a business account manager by day, and a relentless trader by night (and during lunch breaks). I’ve got a double major in Economics and Finance under my belt, but let’s be honest, most of what I know about trading, I taught myself.

My journey into the trading world began in my college dorm room with a lucky gamble on a penny stock. That first taste of success was all it took; I’ve been hooked ever since. But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. I’ve had my fair share of losses, one of which was so significant it could’ve made a grown man cry. But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

I’M USUALLY OUT RUNNING when I’m not crunching numbers or analyzing market trends. I believe in starting each day with a clear mind, and there’s nothing like a 5-mile run before the market opens to get the blood pumping. Plus, it helps me work off the stress of those not-so-great trading days.

I’m also a single dad to the most amazing little girl, the real boss of the house. And let’s not forget Bull, my loyal canine companion who’s always ready for a run, rain or shine.

I’m a big fan of Ray Dalio, and his book “Principles” is my trading bible. I believe in continuous learning and always seek new ways to deepen my understanding of the market.

In my spare time, I mentor young adults in my community who are interested in finance and trading. I believe in giving back and helping others navigate the often confusing world of finance.

Oh, and one more thing. If you ever see a guy making a significant trade while wearing a lucky tie, that’s probably me.

So, welcome to Gold Horse International. May the charts be with you, and remember, “When the market zigs, sometimes you have to zag.”